Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Review - Dynamic down and out wall mount

Disclaimer: I am doing this review to get a rebate of a $100. But the review given here is an unbiased feedback since I get the money anyway- positive or negative feedback.

I have a pinched nerve in my neck and i need to be very careful with the way i position my neck/head. The only place we could wall mount our tv was on top of the fireplace and it did not help with my neck.

Dynamic down and out wall mount helps providing an ergonomic solution to our problem.

1. You can move it down or swivel it.

2. The tension can be adjusted so it is very easy to bring the TV down and lift backup.

3. There is a white plated attachment that covers the wall mount. It can be painted to your wall color so the hardware does not destroy the home decor.
4. There are several holes in the wall mount to attach to the wall - you will find a stud to drill a hole.
5. There is a wall mount template on the website that you can print out, which makes it easy to drill holes.

1. Installation. It needs a little extra hard work to get the wall mount up. You might need help from people.
2. Adjusting the counter balance is most essential. It is set to the maximum tension from the factory.
3. Our down and out mount won't go down completely because our fireplace mantel extends 14.5" from the wall. It only goes down 23" instead of the 32" as you see on the website, this is something I did not anticipate. It is not exactly eye level but better than before.

4. It is costly. You can get a LED 55 inch TV for the cost from costco.
5. The white plastic they provided was broken out of the box, but I didn't care. They need to do a better job at quality control.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mannerless or just plain relieved?

So a Sr.Manager in a respectable company Mr.X shared his office room with another Asian manager who reports to him. Whenever fellow Asians come to talk to this particular Asian manager they seem to speak in mandarin which is their mother tongue. Mr.X thinks they are 'mannerless' for doing that.

I could not share my entire thoughts obviously at the time - did I not start with his title? So no. I did not ask if he thought he was 'well-mannered' calling a fellow employee 'ill-mannered' to others behind their back.

Most Americans speak only one language - English, sorry 'American' English. And they might not be able to understand this because of it.
Imagine going to China and working everyday for the rest of your life. You will need a dictionary to learn to translate every word you know to Mandarin to be able to communicate your thoughts.
After a while, you will learn the language. You will be able to speak the language. But in your head you will still be translating every word you want to say (from English) to Mandarin. The words that sound in your head will be English. The words that have to come out from your mouth have to be in Mandarin. Every second of every day. For the rest of your life. If you want the tiniest bit of human contact, if you have to communicate - you have to depend only on your mental dictionary/translator.
And then one day years later, you happen to meet a fellow 'American' in your office pantry. You will be so thrilled that you can connect to what little you have left of your culture and the memories of your homeland. You will not be translating at the point. You will be able to communicate your thoughts so freely - it will bring you joy. Almost like you were in your own town even if you were not. You will feel a friendly bond with this stranger almost instantly.
Are you thinking about being mannerless at this point that you could connect with your culture in the least tiny bit possible or are you just plain relieved with joy?

P.S: This was not meant in any way as a racial post. It so happens that the characters I am talking about are who they are. This in no way is meant to hurt anyone in any way. I just hope that people who read this will be able to learn to respect people from other cultures and speaking other languages.  Sometimes we just  need to realize that everything that happens in this world is not about us and that we share this world with a lot of different people. 'Different' yes. But just as bit human as you. That is all.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A coward or a thief?

I guess plagiarism is something that we as Indians do not understand or even consider it as a crime, forget crime, even a noteworthy topic. Day in and day out we buy fake books from bookstores knowing fully well they are not giving us the original - they just make photocopies and huge profit. But we still buy them because it is cheaper for us. We do not care about the author who poured his heart and soul into the book and hoped he could make a living off it - only to realize he aint seeing a dime.
We use fake licenses to software. We buy fake dvd's. We just dont care.  This is our society.

We read research works of a lot of people. Sometimes to save ourselves we copy lines here and there and make a paper and submit as our own work. I know people who just copy other people's hardwork and call it their own. Shameless. Is it their fault for not being taught values right and for being born in a society that just does not care?

We cant seem to even write our thoughts and experiences as our own without them being stolen. I was trying to search for my blog titled 'nanagu kannada gothappa' and landed on another person's blog post.
Original post of mine: 
Posted 2007:
The post I ended up reading:
Posted 2011:

I mean come on - not even a title change? Ctrl+H and Replace Bangalore with Mysore?

Am sure he did not think he was stealing someone's thoughts, experiences or ideas. He just thought it was a funny article and wanted to get some appreciation from his friends.

And then I realized - I did a similar thing. I was all eager and learning about blogging a long time ago. It was a newly acquired fascination inspired by a good friend of mine - Gayathri alias DG.
I used to read her blogs and I liked or admired her work so much that she inspired me to write my own.
There was one of article of hers that I read and loved a lot and I chose to take an idea of hers and make it my own. The outcome i think was:

I think DG's article was written in a more hourly pieces - I dont recall and I dont have access to the piece either so you'd be able to compare.(Am not sure if she blocked me because I did this). The only thing i picked from her piece was the 'routine' idea - the rest was all my experiences. And yet, she called me over the phone and asked me if I had written an article based off of hers. I do not recall my response at the straightforward question. My intention was not to have stolen her idea. And yet i dont know if I apologized to her for it back then. I was probably a coward then for fear I might lose a great friendship over a silly detail - as silly as this? Or is it really silly?
DG : I apologize sincerely if you felt I stole a piece of you. It was never my intention. I was just trying to sound as cool as you back then :) However silly and stupid my actions sound to me reading this. I am ashamed. I know you probably have forgotten all about this and this is the last thing on your mind right now.
My purpose of this article is  for telling this out loud to the world - it does not make sense to privately apologize to you when I publicly used your idea. I just wish I could post your link as reference for every one to read as well and appreciate what a good writer you are.

I should thank the Mysore guy for inspiring me to write this post. Afterall, without his article I might have stayed a coward forever. I choose not to be either - a coward or a thief.