Thursday, April 25, 2013

Manpreet and Naina

Had to post this video. Good lord these 2 girls rock!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Its all about Hunger Games

Somehow i can associate myself very clearly to the boy who plays from District 12 along with the 'lead character'. The chosen ones in the movie have to sit through an interview process, make people like them, and then enter a "kill zone" where people are waiting and watching... for you to make a small mistake and get killed.

Well life today feels exactly like that. Am trying to change teams and have the whole interview process setup. So it feels like I have to groom myself and impress people, only to get killed afterward. If I make it after the interview, I ll be in the kill zone. If i dont make it, I will be in the "humiliated" zone with people gloating at my plight. I totally feel like that boy... knowing fully well that death awaits you and yet hoping... for some miracle to save you. Hope!
Let the Hunger Games begin!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Your car is Japanese.
Your Vodka is Russian.
Your pizza is Italian.
Your kebab is Turkish.
Your democracy is Greek.
Your coffee is Brazilian.
Your movies are American.
Your diamonds are African.
Your tea is Kenyan.
Your shirt is Indian.
Your oil is Saudi Arabian.
Your electronics are Chinese.
Your numbers Arabic,
Your letters Latin.
& you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant?
Get it together!